If you have questions about life and God we would love to talk and help you think things through.
We run short courses to provide a context for this and details of what we plan to run over the coming months can be found below.

  • The Reformation, October 1517

    Learning From the Reformers Teaching Series – October 2017

    On 31st October 1517, the German Monk Martin Luther nailed 95 statements against indulgences to the door of the castle church in Wittenburg. Back then, this was the way to start a public discussion on a topic. An indulgence was a document issued by the church which declared that a person’s sins were forgiven. Indulgences could be bought for money and Luther’s 95 theses rightly condemned their sale as a corrupt practice that had no connection with the real way to be saved from sin. His arguments began the Reformation of the Church in Europe. On the Sundays in October to mark the 500th anniversary of this event, Christ Church Heiloo is seeking to learn from the Reformers by focusing on these great truths found in their teaching: Salvation is by Faith and Grace alone, revealed in Scripture alone and given through Christ alone.

    Learning From the Reformers – October Teaching Series
    Date Title Preacher
    Sunday 1st Oct 17.00

    The Beginning of the Reformation, 31st October 1517:

    The Life of Martin Luther

    Dr. Tom Marinello
    Sunday 8th Oct 17.00 Salvation is by Grace and Faith Alone Revd Francis Blight
    Sunday 15th Oct 17.00 The Way of Salvation is found in Scripture Alone Revd Canon Alan Strange
    Sunday 22nd Oct 17.00 Salvation is through Christ Alone Revd Francis Blight
    Sunday 29th Oct 17.00 Sola Dei Gloria: Glory to God Alone in His Fallen World Dr. Drake Williams


    This five minute YouTube video tells the story of Martin Luther’s life using playmobil figures! Enjoy!

  • Reformation Ideas that Changed the World, Begins Wednesday 4th October, 19.45

    This four week small group course is designed to help you engage with several key teachers and ideas from the Reformation period. Each week combines DVD teaching, Bible study and discussion to complement the Sunday ‘Learning from the Reformers‘ series. The video teaching is shot in various location across Europe where significant events in the story of the Reformation took place.

    Date and Time: Wednesday evenings beginning 4th October, 19.45-21.45

    Location: The course will take place in a private home in Heiloo. The address will be emailed to you once you have registered.

    Cost: The course including refreshments is free. Participants are invited to cover the cost of their workbook (€4.00)

    Registration: To book your place please email reformationideas@christchurch-heiloo.nl