• Christ Church Heiloo Men’s Ministry

    The men’s ministry is a supplement to our Sunday church meetings which aims to help you live out your purpose and mission as part of our church community. We want to help men to live as disciples of Jesus Christ by knowing and obeying God’s Word, the Bible. Each of us needs encouragement to live as a faithful witness of Jesus’ gospel in our work place and neighbourhood. For those of us who are married we need support in leading our families to follow Christ.

    Men’s Bible Study Group

    Thursday Evenings, 19.45 – 21.30 led and hosted by Neil Northcutt in Alkmaar. The aim of the group is to get to know one another better while growing as disciples through discussing the Bible and praying together. The group is about to begin studying Revelation, the final book in the New Testament. If you are interested in joining, please speak to Neil after a Sunday service.

    Men’s Social Evenings

    Alongside the Bible study group we organize occasional events for men in the church and their friends.

    Film and Discussion Night

    Friday 18th January from 19.00 onwards, with the film starting by 20.00. The evening is being organised by Roy Forster and will take place in Heiloo. All men in the church community are invited and are welcome to invite friends to join us. 

  • Praying Together…



  • Christ Church Chaplaincy Women’s Retreat 2019

    1. Christ Church Chaplaincy Women’s Retreat 2019

    Friday 15th – Saturday 16th March. The theme of this year’s retreat will be Living Through Change. The retreat offers twenty-four hours for prayer, fellowship, worship, teaching and rest.

    Change is part of life. We all go through changes in different areas of our lives at various times. As a chaplaincy we are also in a time of change. How can we go through these times with grace, and use them to grow closer to God? We hope that this retreat will offer a chance to explore these themes together. This year’s speaker will be Sue Collinson (pictured) who is married to Mark the former senior chaplain of Amsterdam. Since moving back to England in 2015, Sue has been working as a Pastoral and Fellowship Director for a large church in Winchester. She is passionate about people and the making and maintaining of healthy relationships with each other and with God.

    Venue: Onze Lieve Vrouw Ter Nood in Heiloo.

    Registration is open until Sunday 3rd February

    Full details of the programme, costs and how to register are available at https://christchurchwomensretreat.wordpress.com