• Christ Church Heiloo is…

    Christian We are a bible believing church who accept the fundamentals of the Christian faith as confessed in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. We are seeking to live out the reality of following Jesus Christ as a community and in our families week by week.

    International We are an international and English-speaking church with congregation members living throughout North-Holland. We rejoice in the variety of nationalities and church backgrounds represented.

    Anglican We are part of the Anglican chaplaincy of Christ Church Amsterdam www.christchurch.nl, one of the Anglican Churches in the Netherlands www.anglican.nl and part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe www.europe.anglican.org. We welcome all Christians to our fellowship and worship. We are supported by the Intercontinental Church Society www.ics-uk.org, an evangelical mission society of the Church of England.

    Active and Friendly If you are a Christian looking for a church to become part of, or someone who is interested in asking questions about the reality of Jesus Christ, you would be very welcome to join us at our regular 17:00 Sunday service. Through the year we run groups for people who want to ask questions about God and the truth of Christianity, courses for spiritual growth, prayer meetings and a Friday night youth group.  During our services there is a crèche and children’s ministry for 0-12 year olds.

  • Christ Church Heiloo’s Purpose & Mission

    During 2014 the leadership team and ministry leaders developed new purpose and mission aims for Christ Church Heiloo. In March 2016 the leadership team fine-tuned them and added a sixth aim: Serve. These crystallize what we believe our core callings are as a community. The updated aims were presented at the annual meeting on 13th March 2016 and can be summed up in six words, Worship – Invite – Care – Learn – Serve – Equip.

    Christ Church Heiloo’s Purpose and Mission is to
    Worship and glorify God when we meet and in our daily lives
    Invite and help friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to discover a living faith in Jesus Christ
    Care for one another and the local international community
    Learn to become disciples of Jesus Christ by knowing and obeying God’s Word, The Bible
    Serve in the growth of God’s kingdom
    Equip disciples of Jesus Christ to worship, invite, care, learn and serve

    Which of the six do you most identify with? Email the chaplain to let him know.

  • Contact

    You are welcome to get in touch by telephone or email contacting the chaplain in the first instance and then the churchwarden.

    Chaplain – Rev’d. Francis Blight  0031 (0) 72 531 5023  contact Francis by email

    Churchwarden – Roy Forster  0031 (0) 6 1950 8099  contact Roy by email

    Safeguarding Co-ordinator – Connie Helder  Contact Connie by email

    Come and meet us at our 5.00pm Sunday Services. We meet at Ter Coulsterkerk, Holleweg 111, 1851 KE and look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Supporting Christ Church Heiloo

    If you would like to support the work of Christ Church Heiloo financially, our bank account details are below. Donations cover the cost of funding the chaplain, building rental for our services, activities, administration and gifts to our mission partners.

    Christ Church Heiloo has ANBI status (see below for further details), which means that if you pay your wage tax in the Netherlands, gifts are tax deductible.

    Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo

    De Kuilenaar 60, 1851RZ, Heiloo, Netherlands

    Bank number:  (Rabobank  Noord-Kennemerland)

    IBAN: NL34RABO0363484051


  • ANBI Information

    This information is made available for the purposes of complying with ANBI transparency regulations.


    1. Official Names

    Christ Church Heiloo

    Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo

    Chaplaincy of Christ Church Amsterdam


    1. 2. Constitutional Position

    Christ Church Heiloo is one of the four congregations in the Chaplaincy of Christ Church Amsterdam. The Chaplaincy is in the Archdeaconry of North West Europe/Anglicaanse Kerk in Nederland.  www.anglican.nl  It is governed by the ecclesiastical law of the Church of England www.cofe.org  and constitution and rules of the Diocese in Europe www.europe.anglican.org


    1. 3. RSIN number of Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo is 8143.50.367


    1. 4. Website addresess www.christchurch-heiloo.nl


    1. 5. Email address and telephone number info@christchurch-heiloo.nl    +31 72 531 5023


    1. 6. Visiting Addresses Christ Church Heiloo, Ter Coulsterkerk, Holleweg 111, 1851 KE


    1. 7. Postal Addresses De Kuilenaar 60, 1851 RZ, Heiloo


    1. 8. Chaplaincy Council & Stichting

    Christ Church Amsterdam Chaplaincy Council – One chair and three other licenced clergy, one vice chair, two churchwardens, two congregational wardens, one secretary, one treasurer, four Archdeaconry Synod representatives and six further councillors.

    The Board of Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo consists of a chair, a secretary and a treasurer.


    1. 9. Salaries Policy

    The church shall have such stipendiary clergy and other ministers as is agreed between the Bishop and the church council. Their stipends shall be determined in accordance with or on the basis of stipulations made by, on behalf or with the concurrence of the Bishop. Neither stipendiary or salaried staff, nor volunteer officers or council members, will receive any remuneration or other financial compensation, however named, in respect of their work in governing the church; and such activities shall not be deemed to establish any claim to tax exemption or tax-exempt payments. Exceptional expenses may be compensated financially only to the maximum nominal amount.

     The Members of the Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo Board will never receive a fee, salary or any other material, as far as approved by the Board.


     10. Policy Plan

    The national policy plan is to be found in the ‘What we do’ section of the Archdeaconry website www.anglican.nl ; the local policy follows here:

    The policy of the Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo is to support the Church community of Christ Church Heiloo, which is under the jurisdiction of the Diocese in Europe of the Church of England. The Chaplaincy may have paid staff and other workers, and also may compensate volunteer workers for their activities to the maximum allowable annual amount.

    1. 11. Objectives

    Christ Church Heiloo’s mission and purpose is to:

    1. Worship and glorify God when we meet and in our daily lives
    2. Invite and help friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to discover a living faith in Jesus Christ
    3. Care for one another and the local international community
    4. Learn to live as disciples of Jesus Christ by knowing and obeying God’s Word, The Bible
    5. Serve in the growth of God’s kingdom
    6. Equip disciples of Jesus Christ to worship, invite, care learn and serve


    Christ Church Heiloo’s four growth goals for 2014-2018 are:

    Goal 1. PEOPLE Grow the number of people that we minister to on a weekly basis, both non-Christians and Christians

    Goal 2. DEPTH Grow the depth of our church by caring, learning, serving and equipping

    Goal 3. FINANCES Grow our finances so that we can continue to meet our own ministry costs

    Goal 4. ALKMAAR Grow a new congregation in Alkmaar

    The objective of Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo is:

    1. To support (in the widest sense of the word) the Church Community of Christ Church,Heiloo – hereinafter known as “the Church Community”- which Church Community is under the jurisdiction of the “Diocese in Europe of the Church of England”.
    2. The Trust will attempt to achieve its objective by:
    3. a. Acquiring one or more registered properties or other property, through ownership or on other grounds
    4. b. Making the registered properties and other property available, whether or not for payment, to the Church Community or any persons working in the service of the Church Community;
    5. c. Raising funds
    6. d. Offering financial and other types of support to the Church Community
    7. e. Carrying out all activities that relate to or may be advantageous to the above – in the widest sense.
    8. The foundation does not aim to make a profit other than in the pursuit of its objective.


    12. Activities report for Christ Church Heiloo

    During 2016 we occupied ourselves with the following English speaking minstry:

    Sunday services and prayer meetings.

    Children’s ministry groups for 3-12 year olds on Sundays.

    Youth group for 13-17 year olds on Friday.

    Running short courses for church members and the wider English speaking community (Fruitfulness on the Frontline, Life Explored and Promises Kept).

    We ran social events for church members and the wider English speaking community (International Community Barn Dance, Summer Barbecue, Harvest Discovery! Service & Supper).

    We organised the financial and prayer support of our six mission partners.

    We participated in the recruitment process for a new Chaplain for the four congregations of the Amsterdam chaplaincy. Rev’d Canon Alan Strange was licensed as the new chaplain of Amsterdam on 22 May 2016.



    13. Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo statement of income and expenses 2016

    Income 2016

    General revenue €81,962

    Interest earned €139

    Exceptional loan forgiveness on property €247,000

    Total Income 2016  €329,101


    Expenses 2016

    Running costs of Church €77,168

    Giving to Mission Partners €8,196

    Total Expenses 2016  €85,364


    14. Stichting Ondersteuning Christ Church Heiloo statement of intended disbursements (budget) for 2016

    Budgeted Income 2016 €76,100


    Budgeted Expenses 2016

    Budgeted Running Costs of Church €82,624

    Budgeted Giving to Mission Partners €7,600

    Total Intended Disbursements (Budget) 2016 €90,224