What’s it like?

We are a diverse group from a wide range of nationalities. We meet each Sunday in the town of Heiloo near the City of Alkmaar. Together we are seeking to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in North Holland by knowing and obeying God’s Word, the Bible. Our Sunday services are Anglican, evangelical and family friendly. Each week there are hymns & songs, teaching from the Bible, and prayers. Children’s ministry groups for 0-12 year old’s run during the service and there is always time for coffee and chat afterwards. Twice a month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. During the week there are Bible Study Groups and a monthly prayer meeting.

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  • Christ Church Heiloo is…

    Christian We are a bible believing church who accept the fundamentals of the Christian faith as confessed in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. We are seeking to live out the reality of following Jesus Christ as a community and in our families week by week.

    International We are an international and English-speaking church with congregation members living throughout North-Holland. We rejoice in the variety of nationalities and church backgrounds represented.

    Anglican We are an Anglican chaplaincy in the region of Alkmaar and one of the Anglican Churches in the Netherlands www.anglican.nl and part of the Anglican Diocese in Europe www.europe.anglican.org. We welcome all Christians to our fellowship and worship. We are supported by the Intercontinental Church Society www.ics-uk.org, an evangelical mission society of the Church of England.

    Active and Friendly If you are a Christian looking for a church to become part of, or someone who is interested in asking questions about the reality of Jesus Christ, you would be very welcome to join us at our regular 16.00 Sunday service. Through the year we run groups for people who want to ask questions about God and the truth of Christianity, courses for spiritual growth, prayer meetings and a Friday night youth group.