Come and meet our international community serving English speakers from Heiloo, Alkmaar, Bergen and the surrounding region. We meet each Sunday, 17.00 at Ter Coulsterkerk, Holleweg 111, 1851 KE, Heiloo just five minutes walk from the Heiloo train station. Whether you are a Christian looking for a church to become part of, or you would like to find out about God, Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, we look forward to meeting you.

Return to Normal Services

We have now resumed regular services every Sunday at 17:00 at the Ter Coulsterkerk Holleweg 111, 1851 KE Heiloo. We will meet together each week observing the RIVM protocol for churches and other gatherings. We hope that you will join us.

Summer Sermon Series 2020

When we meet every Sunday, one of the things we do religiously is to recite the Apostles Creed (and sometimes the Nicene Creed). They are the cardinal beliefs of the Christian faith! This summer we want to look more deeply into the third part of the Creed, line by line, starting with “I believe in the Holy Spirit” to discover more about what the Bible teaches on each of these statements that we hold so dear. This six-week sermon series will cover the following topics:

26 July         I believe in the Holy Spirit
2 August      I believe in the holy catholic church
9 August      I believe in the communion of saints
16 August    I believe in the forgiveness of sins
23 August    I believe in the resurrection of the body
30 August    I believe in the life everlasting

Come and join us as we explore the meaning of several of the building blocks of our shared faith.


Live-streamed Services and other helpful links

Follow the link below to a page of resources to help you stay connected to God if you are unable to join our church services in situ. The page ‘Staying Connected–Live-Streamed Services and other Helpful Links’. These resources include a link to live-streamed Sunday morning church services and prayer resources from the Church of England website.



What’s it like?

We are a diverse group from a wide range of nationalities. We meet each Sunday in the town of Heiloo near the City of Alkmaar. Together we are seeking to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in North Holland by knowing and obeying God’s Word, the Bible. Our Sunday services are Anglican, evangelical and family friendly. Each week there are hymns & songs, teaching from the Bible, and prayers. Children’s ministry groups for 0-12 year olds run during the service and there is always time for coffee and chat afterwards. Twice a month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. During the week there are Bible Study Groups and a monthly prayer meeting.

Read more about our beliefs.