Uit & Zo Heiloo Saturday 2nd September

Come and meet us at Uit & Zo Heiloo from 11:00 to 16:00, to find out about our autumn activities and programme.

Uit & Zo is the annual fair organised by the Heiloo Bibliotheek on Westerweg not far from the train station. Here you can find out about more than 75 local community organisations.

Christ Church Heiloo is a Christian community for English-speakers of every nationality. We have been gathering each week from Heiloo and the towns of the Alkmaar region since 1990.

Reformation 500th Anniversary – October 2017

On 31st October 1517, the German Monk Martin Luther nailed 95 statements against indulgences to the door of the castle church in Wittenburg. Back then, this was the way to start a public discussion on a topic. An indulgence was a document issued by the church which declared that a person’s sins were forgiven. Indulgences could be bought for money and Luther’s 95 theses rightly condemned their sale as a corrupt practice that had no connection with the real way to be saved from sin. His arguments began the Reformation of the Church in Europe. On the Sundays in October to mark the 500th anniversary of this event, Christ Church Heiloo will focus on the great truths of the Reformation: Salvation by Faith and Grace alone, through Christ alone. The YouTube video above tells the story of Martin Luther’s life using playmobil figures! Enjoy!

More2Life Friday night English language youth group for 13-17 year olds (begins Friday 15 September).More2Life

Discovery! Services 17.00-19.00 Join us each month for a creative and interactive service for English speakers of all ages and nationalities. Each time we seek to unpack a bit of Christian teaching in simple and creative ways that everyone can engage with. The service is followed by a simple meal for everyone which begins soon after 18.00. Tea and coffee will be available from 16.40.Discovery! Graphic 2017 (cropped)

Christ Church Heiloo meets every Sunday, 17.00, at Ter Coulsterkerk, Holleweg 111, 1851 KE, HeilooWe look forward to meeting you at Uit & Zo!